Sticky Baits L-Zero-30T 250ml Glug

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After the discontinuation of the famous original L-Zero-30, heralded as one of the greatest liquid foods of all time, we have managed to source a liquid with almost identical properties as the coveted predecessor.

Made from fresh raw tuna flesh, the super soluble liquid undergoes the exact same enzyme treatment process as the original L-Zero-30. The finished product has a distinctive fishy smell and taste, with a thick viscosity, along with a very high natural salt content.

Due to the totally natural makeup of the L-Zero-30-T, it cannot be overdone in any application. It can be added to spod mixes, pellets, stick mixes or boilies to add a different level of super soluble attraction.

Key Features
Almost identical to the original L-Zero-30
Super soluble and high in protein
Perfect for glugging hookbaits or freebies
PVA Friendly

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