Trakker NXG Compact Tackle Bag

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Designed to store end tackle items in a neat and convenient way, the NXG Compact Tackle Bag features a customisable divider system, as well as a huge array of pockets suitable for different-sized tackle items. This customisable compact tackle storage system has a hard-wearing Nyplax base, stiffened neoprene carry handle, and twin zips for easy access.


Customisable compact tackle storage solution
Twin-zip easy access
24x end tackle pockets
3x small elasticated internal pockets
2x lid pockets (one full size, one half size)
Customisable divider system (includes one large divider and three small dividers)
Stiffened neoprene carry handle
Hard-wearing nyplex base


Size: 220mm x 220mm x 70mm
Product code: 204106
EAN13: 5060461945048

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