Trakker NXG PVA Pouch

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Designed with the storage of PVA bags or small tackle items in mind, the NXG PVA Pouch has a foiled backed storage area which keeps PVA away from moisture, allowing you to have PVA bags tied up ready to be used. It features a waterproof nyplax base to prevent moisture seeping into the material and has ten internal pockets to store a multitude of terminal tackle items or allowing you to store all of your PVA items in one convenient pouch. There are dual zips which securely close the pouch and a neoprene carry handle, making transportation comfortable.

Pouch to store PVA or small terminal items
Foil-backed storage area
Ten internal pockets
Neoprene carry handle
Waterproof Nyplax base

Material: 600-denier polyester
Dimensions: L25cm x W15cm x D16cm

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