V60 Bait Boat with Fish Finder by Future Carping - Carbon

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If your are looking for something FUN, COMPACT, RELIABLE and everything you need from a Bait Boat, the V60 is the Bait Boat for you.  

One of the unique designs on the V60 Bait Boat is the hoppers have a designated slit in the hopper allowing you to place your rig without even having to open your hopper doors on the bait boat. Another great feature is the Bait Spreader that attaches to the Bait Boat, (BAIT SPREADER PURCHASED SEPARATELY). So if you are looking for something different where you can spread your bait around the swim this may be the Bait Boat for you. 

The way this Bait Boat moves through water is amazing, its turning circle is incredible and the way this Bait Boat handles will have you amazed. The Bait Boat will come with two Lithium batteries but can be operated with the one. 

Overall the V60 Bait Boat is an incredible bit of kit, manufactured by a company who understand the needs of anglers giving you the tools to help you on your way on banking some lumps on the bank. 

Basic Bait Boat - Does everything you need it to do do deliver your rig and bait to where you want it to go. 

Fish Finder Version - Save time trying to find a spot the fish finder version will give you the information you need allowing you to identify soft spots and hard spots as well as identify fish. 

GPS & Fish Finder Version - Does everything you need to do and the all the above with the fish finder but with the added extra of GPS and Auto Pilot. Send the boat automatically out to a spot you have saved and once you have delivered your bait and rig ask for it to come back via Auto Pilot. The GPS Version also has a fail safe so if the boat was ever to lose signal to the remote it will automatically come back to the home point set. 


Measures: 65x37x25cm
Weight: 4.5kg
Material: ABS
Colour: Camo, Carbon Black

Engine: 2x High-performance high-torque ultra-silent motors
Transmitter: 2.4GHz/5.8GHz 6 channel
Lights: 1W High power LED (2x white front & 2x blue back) Lights can be dimmed via transmitter
Battery: 2x 13Ah (26Ah) Lithium Ion
Voltage indicator: Yes
Charger: 3A

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