Frequently Asked Questions about our Membership Cards.

• Q How do I renew my card?

A No need, your membership is for life.


• Q I have lost my card how do I get a new one?

A You can get a replacement card in our stores, with your name and address details to confirm your Membership number, you must pay for a replacement as stated in the T&C’s.


• Q I have lost my card can I still shop with you?

A Absolutely – as stated above, you need to pay £5 for a replacement card, you'll need to confirm your details with our admin team.


• Q I have moved house how do I update my details?

A Simply contact us in store or call us on 01507 527754 or email us at with your old and new details and we will update our records for you.


• Q Someone stole my wallet/bag can I get a new card?

A You can get a replacement card in our store, or contact us with your details to confirm your Membership number. There will be a one-off charge for a replacement card.


• Q Why isn't the expiry date displayed on the card?

A Because your membership card has no expiry, it is for life.


• Q I want to be removed from the postal mailing list

A Contact us here with your card number, name and address and we'll get you removed from the mailing list, however you will lose the benefits of the sneak peek deals, exclusive offers, and promotion which we will release to membership holders before the general public.


• Q How long is the card valid for?

A Your Membership will be valid for life.


• Q Why do I need to be a member to shop with you?

A No you do not need to have a membership to shop with us, however a membership entitles you to purchase our products at the best prices, give you access to the discounts and early releases of promotions we have in store, and also you'll have the chance to be the first to shop new product ranges including early previews via the monthly newsletter.


• Q What discounts can I expect to receive?

A If you spend:
£0.00-£49.99 - you will get 2% off
£50.00-£99.99 - you will get 5% off
£100+ - you will receive 10% off


• Q How does the membership card work?

A You must present your membership card to staff at the counter BEFORE payment is made at the checkout, otherwise you will not get your discount.



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