CCMoore Tuna L030 500ml

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Tuna L030 is 100% natural so cannot be overused in boilie mixes
Work extremely well with fish meal baits and mixes
Will also give an essential boost of protein and amino acids
Superb as a rehydration liquid
Helps to boost air dried or shelf life baits
Doesnt need to be ingested to significantly increase your catch rate
Makes an ideal loose feed additive
Add to stick mixes, bag mixes, pellets, particles and spod mixes
Will help you attract more fish to your baited spot
The longer you apply the longer it will leak out when you use it

CC Moore Liquid Tuna L030 500ml, After several years of absence we are excited to be able to say that the legendary 'L030' fish protein is reborn Made famous in the early 2000s by top anglers and bait companies who recognised and capitalised on its incredible fish-attracting powers as a boilie ingredient, liquid food and bait soak, L030 (Marine Paste/Marine Amino Compound) quickly earned a reputation as one of the most successful liquids ever used in the production of carp and coarse fish baits.

Supplied by the producer of the original L030, this highly attractive, nutrient-rich liquid food is a soluble fish protein extract that is derived wholly from pure Tuna meat meaning it is not only comparable to the original L030 product in terms of salts, protein, amino acids etc. but it also boasts the phenomenal taste, aroma and omega oils associated with Tuna products that makes them so attractive.

Being hydrolysed and of pure fish origin, Tuna L030 has a deep, yeasty, fishy taste and aroma and a high salt content that represents another effective source of year round attraction for appetite-satisfying and nutrient-seeking fish (e.g. pre and post spawning and during periods of natural food depletion). Tuna L030 has a protein content in excess of 50%, which, due to natural water content is extremely rare for liquid products, and supplies an abundance of all the essential amino acids required by carp and coarse fish.

Tuna L030 is made from pure tuna protein that is hydrolysed to increase its digestibility ensuring it's highly soluble and easily utilised by fish in all water temperatures- a vital attribute which makes it as potent as a year round feeding stimulant. Tuna L030 does not contain any added water, thinners, preservatives or other products that may reduce its concentration and potency; it is thick, dense, naturally preserved in its own salt content and, as you can tell by its protein content is 100% pure.

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