FOX Camo Gas Canister Cover

Sale price£11.99


Unique Camo Neoprene Main Body
Hard Wearing Zipped Base for Easy Insertion of Gas Canister
Two Elasticated Retaining Loops, One for Lighter and One for Spoon
Will Fit Most 500g Canisters

Designed to fit most 500g gas canisters, this stylish neoprene Fox Camo Gas Cannister Cover protects your gas canisters against cold winter temperatures, ensuring that your gas keeps flowing smoothly, and that you have all the juice you need when it's time to get the kettle on, as well as wrapping your gas bottles up against the rain, and preventing them from rusting, which could put you at risk if it wears through.

Elasticated retaining loops give a secure hold for a spoon and a lighter, putting everything you need to get cooking right at your fingertips.

Presented in stylish, contemporary DPM, this gas canister cover blends well with the bankside,and creates a cohesive set up with other items from the Fox Camo range.

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