Intrepid Bait Boat by Future Carping

Material: Intrepid - Black
Sale price£499.99


Made from a very durable ABS plastic material on both the remote and Bait Boat. The wiring and internals are all made from quality materials also. 

The Intrepid Bait Boat can hold up to 1.5kg in bait and has been designed with a slit in the rear of the hopper for easy loading meaning you don’t have to open and close the hopper doors to load your rig in the Bait Boat. This Bait Boat also boasts an LED Strip front light and two LED strips for the rear lights giving you ample lighting in the dark. As well as the above the Bait Boat has a cruise control function at the click of a button. 

We have worked with the manufacturer to build a solid bait boat. We want our customers bait boat to be reliable and not all about how far can it go, what is the battery life. We want you to have a product that when you switch on you will have confidence that it will do exactly what it needs to do. 
Overall the Intrepid Bait Boat is a no nonsense mini bait boat that will take your rigs from A to B with no complications. 


Boat Dimensions: 48cm x 31.4cm 21cm
Weight Inc Battery: 3.1KG 
Range:350 Meters 
Single Hopper
1.5kg Hopper Capacity 
Battery: Up to 2.5 Hours Continuous Play Time  
Battery Type: Lithium Battery 7500mAh (7.4V Nominal Voltage 8.V Maximum Charging Voltage) 

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