JH Baits Nuti-B Boilies 15MM 1KG or 5KG

Size: 1kg
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If you are looking for a nice light Bait that's high in Milk Proteins/Nuts & Seeds with a beautiful sweet taste & aroma that's very palatable for the Carp, Nuti-B is definitely the bait for you.

Nuti-B has quickly become a favourite bait for a selection of our Consultants and Testers who love the alternate Nutty and Creamy type bait over our flagship Fish-meal based bait KLF.

Designed with the intention of having a bait that not only carries a high amount of nutrition, but also has a high attractive nature Nuti-B has been developed using a combination of highly soluble milk proteins. Ensuring a good breakdown and release of attraction, a high percentage of nuts (Tiger Nut/Peanut being the dominant one's), a mixture of Bird Seed & Biscuit mixes, maize meals, Calf milk replacers, natural sweeteners, taste enhancers & feeding triggers, along with the added addition of a secret creamy Nuti-B liquid & added Coconut & Creamy flavours.

Nuti-B Shelf life has been made with the exact same ingredients and recipe as the Nuti-B Freezer bait with the addition of human grade mold inhibitors to extend its shelf life.

Perfect if freezer space is a issue or for them longer Fishing trips especially those European trips. 
Available in 12, 15 & 18mm sizes 
Recommended :
All JH Baits baits are soluble , meaning they will slowly breakdown releasing food signals and attraction into the water continuously , over time they will become soft and eventually breakdown.
As with all our Freezer and Shelf-Life Boilies we also supply a range of Hardened Hookbaits for anglers who want reassurance there Hookbaits can be left in the water many hours without fear of becoming too soft and being removed by nuisance species.
Please see our pop-ups/Hookbaits section. 

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