Korda Basix Lead Clip Leaders

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BASIX Lead Clip Leaders
The BASIX Lead Clip Leaders are constructed from a woven, lead-free material which takes
on water very well, ensuring that it not only sinks quickly, but due to its suppleness, also
follows the contours of the lake bed. It is a camo green colour which blends in well to help
keep it disguised. The leader comes complete with a lead clip and tail rubber, also in camo
green, along with a size 8 QC swivel attached to one end. Perfect to use in conjunction with
the BASIX Ready Tied Hair Rigs, you can simply clip on your rig, add a lead, and you are
ready to go!
BASIX Lead Clip Leaders are 50cm long and there is a spliced loop at the other end to make
it easy to attach to your main line. Available in packs of 2.

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