Korda Dark Matter Leader QC Hybrid Clip Weed 30lb 1m

Sale price£6.25


These leaders have integral sections of tungsten to help ensure that they stay pinned to the lakebed and avoid spooking wary carp.

They come in a choice of 1m or 50cm lengths – to cater for those who require a shorter version, such as when fishing at long range, or where fishery rules dictate a maximum length. At one end is a Hybrid Lead Clip QC fused onto the leader, complete with a Hybrid Tail Rubber. At the other end is a fused loop for easy attachment to your main line

This loop-to-loop style works great and allows easy changes of leader without having to cut or tie.

The Dark Matter leader material is highly abrasion resistant, has a breaking strain of 30lb, and can be matched to whatever type of lake bed you are fishing over

Available in Clear, Weed, or Gravel, Clay at 50cm or 1m lengths
Each pack contains one leader.

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