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Tiger Fish is a flavour mix that was developed by the Sonubaits team for match fishing, it is a blend of Tiger Nuts and fishmeals.

It’s a sweet-smelling and tasting nutty flavour that was developed after discussions with specimen carp fishermen, who were all convinced about Tiger Nuts and their effectiveness and by adding a level of fish flavour to the mix it resulted in a mix perfect for carp and skimmers on commercial fisheries.

2mm Tiger Fish Feed Pellets make a great pellet for the Method Feeder and are easy to prepare. Simply pour the pellets into a bait tub and just cover them with lake water so the water sits level with the top of the pellets. Then pop a lid on and leave them to absorb the water, shaking them every 5 minutes to make sure the water is evenly distributed through the pellets. After about 30 minutes the pellets will have absorbed all the water and will be the perfect consistency for using on a Method Feeder.

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